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Embracepetinsurance.com Website Review & Ratings + Embrace Pet Insurance Coupons

Embrace Pet Insurance is an insurance company that sells health insurance for dogs and cats. Veterinarian and treatment costs can be very expensive if an animal has an extended problem and buying insurance can be a great money saver. According to Embrace most purchasers make a claim within the first three years of having the policy.

The company, located in Beachwood, Ohio, was started by two graduates of the Wharton School of Business and is underwritten by Lloyd's of London. Polices are offered over varying price ranges and your level of coverage can be increased. All genetic based conditions are covered and pre-existing conditions can be covered after 12 months. The company does not limit claims per incident, but does have a maximum claim amount that is very reasonable for most medical problems.

Embrace Pet Insurance: What makes it different?

This company offers its customers some important options that other companies do not offer their clients.

These include:

  • Coverage of pre-existing conditions after 12 months,
  • Coverage of genetic disorders and diseases,
  • Low deductible,
  • Allows customers to pick their own type of coverage,
  • Has coverage for pet dental care,
  • Covers special treatments for diseases with prior approval,
  • Can provide coverage for routine veterinarian appointments and vaccinations,
  • Covers both dogs and cats,
  • Bases fees on age, breed and type of animal.
Best Available Embrace Pet Insurance Coupon:
Embrace Pet Insurance vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Embrace Pet Insurance)

VPI Pet Insurance:  National company that issues costs of treating dogs and cats.  Limits each claim by their reimbursement list.  Despite having a higher limit, you will be paid based on the disbursement list.    Does not cover alternative treatments.  Does not cover a number of genetic caused disease conditions.  Charges a monthly fee to process your payment.

ASPCA:  Non-profit that provides health insurance for dogs and cats.  Includes limits for each incident claim.  Does not cover any genetic based diseases.  Charges an annual fee and has a new membership fee.  Offers varying plans that can limit recovery for some conditions.  Benefit levels are the same for cats and dogs, although dogs often cost more to treat.

Embrace Pet Insurance: Pricing & packages

Costs of pet insurance vary.  Here are some examples.  While Embrace is not always the cheapest, it offers the most for the money when you compare benefits and costs with competitors.

Dog (about one year, Labrador mix):

Embrace:  $53.05

ASPCA:  $51.04 (limits each incident to 3500)

VIP:  $27.64 (limits each claim)

Cat (short haired kitten mix about six months):

Embrace: $27.23

ASPCA:  $39.51 (limits each incident to 3500)

VIP:  $24.28 (limits each claim)

Embrace Pet Insurance: Product images & screenshots
Embrace Pet Insurance Coupons
Embrace Pet Insurance: Customer reviews & comments

Ratings for this company are excellent.  At petinsurancereview.com, with over 1000 reviews Embrace has a rating of 9.2 out of 10.

10/10   More coverage than anyone else out there!, 12/23/2010

Reviewed By: Rachelle Dodson, Recommend: Y

This is my first go round with pet insurance, and I got into it a little late in the game (after my dog was already having some health issues). Embrace was the ONLY pet insurance company I could find that would even consider covering a pre-existing condition if it was considered curable. I find that when I submit claims, they are processed within about 2 weeks, and I find that instead of finding reasons not to cover my claims, they try to find ways to maximize my claims! I'll give a quick, great example: They give a 5% discount on premiums if your pet is microchipped. So, after I got the coverage, I had my dog microchipped. Not only was the claim for the procedure covered under my wellness rewards in the policy, but when I submitted the claim, I was automatically refunded the 5% of my premium for having the dog microchipped! I didn't have to ask for it! The customer service is excellent - they are thorough, quick and kind in their email correspondence, and very responsive and proactive in helping me get the most out of my benefits. I would recommed Embrace to anyone who wants comprehensive health coverage for their pets. I did a LOT of research before I bought, and Embrace seems to be the best out there!

9/10   Great customer service, 6/11/2010

Reviewed By: Daniel, Recommend: Y

This is my first experience with Pet Insurance, and so far, I'm very pleased. They don't have the integrated website features that other companies have, but this is more than made up for with the very responsive customer service. Claims are processed fairly and in a very timely manner. I recommend Embrace to anyone looking for a pet insurance company. Unfortunately Embrace isn't licensed by the state of California, and I had to sign a waiver acknowledging this. But I feel comfortable that Embrace is a solid company, and not very concerned about that. The Wellness plan is a good idea if you plan on spending over $200 a year (including any medications). You end up saving $50 there automatically, plus you can get up to 20% off your plan with a) a 5% promotion code, b) paying premium in full (5%), c) your pet is neutered or fixed (5%), d) your pet is microchipped (5%). It's also an Ohio-based company, and people in the midwest are usually very courteous and pleasant to deal with.

From Petinsurance.com where their rating is 9/10:

Brody's Mom says:

Words don’t even begin to express the “WOW” that accompanies having your pet covered with Embrace. My pup suffered bilateral hip dysplasia. Not only did Embrace cover the FHO (surgery), they cover the rehab as well. This allows my pup (only 8 months old) to have the best shot of recovery available to him. Rehab is very expensive — worth it clearly — but no small claim. Not only is this covered the reimbursements are so prompt – in some instances less than 72 hours – WOW. Customer Service is awesome, every representative I speak to is knowledgable and kind as well as caring – another WOW! Then get this WOW — they provide exceptional coverage. Not all providers cover the things that Embrace has. I did my homework when selecting this insurance. I had a very unfortunate experience with another pet insurance provider. So I learned a lesson the hard way with that other carrier. I know what I speak as to providers and Embrace – WOW — they are AMAZING and offer a SUPERIOR product. This provider has allowed me to get the best care for my sweet pup and believe when I say — not all insurance companies are that way — THANK YOU EMBRACE!

Best Available Embrace Pet Insurance Coupon:
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Nothing sadder than a pet needing emergency care and an owner not being able to afford it.  I also know there is Purina Care Pet Insurance in the US and Canada.

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